Best Cheap Tennis Racquet For Beginner To Intermediate Player

Best Cheap Tennis Racquet For Beginner To Intermediate Player

Here We Pick Top Best Cheap Tennis Racquet For Beginner To Intermediate Player. This All is in Good Budget And Best Tennis Racquet For Beginner.

Whether you’re swinging for a grand slam title or just looking to advance in the local Recreation League. The right Racquet can add power accuracy and ball spin to your shots. With time spent practicing and on the court you get to notice that a tennis Racquet is always just an extension of your arm. From power and spin to control and feel. The tennis Racquet you choose affects everything. So if you’re looking for one, we can help you out with some of the best.

Playing great tennis isn’t just about your skill, although that definitely helps. It’s also about having the right equipment, specifically a racquet that matches your playing level and style. Our comprehensive selection has been ranked by weight, durability, ball control, responsiveness, and power, to have you playing like a pro in no time.

Tennis is a fantastic game with a lot of followers around the world. But without a great Racquet. It is very hard to be at the top of the game. These are the 17 top tennis Racquets in the market today.

Our Pick Best Best Cheap Tennis Racquet For Beginner To Intermediate Player




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Graphene 360
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Staff 97
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Staff RF97
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Blade 98
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Tour Slam
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HEAD Speed
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Ultra 26
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1. Prince Textreme (Best Tennis Racquet For Beginner)

Tennis Racquet

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The Prince Textreme Warrior 100 has a 16 by 18 string pattern. That feels very powerful but controlled. It comes with its 10.3 Oz strong weight and headlight balance and it offers the are incredibly fast making it an excellent Racquets for fast reaction volleys. Also the textreme technology in the Racquets provides players with a unique feel.

Which helps this Racquet slow weight class absorb Heavy Hitters. Besides the headlight balance combined with a manageable static weight makes for effortless swinging. Moreover from the Baseline it delivers a comfortably crisp feel on groundstrokes and it comes around with remarkable ease to give a very accurate ball. This is the Best Tennis Racquet For Beginner to Intermediate.

2. HEAD Graphene (Best Tennis Racquet For Spin)

 (Best Tennis Racquet For Spin)

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The head graphene 360 Speed Pro is created for the advanced tournament player. Who needs more control for their fast-paced game. It is equipped with graphene 360 technology, which provides greater stability and optimizes energy transfer for more power thus more ball speed. Also, the 18/20 string pattern provides higher control during even the fastest rallies. Besides the speed Silo follows the new a symmetric design identity.

Featuring a bold black and white color-blocking in the shaft area. Moreover it is completed by truly unique see-through carbon fibers in the head and the Racquet looks as beautiful as it performs. On the other hand, it delivers decent spin. Thanks to its smooth acceleration and newlywed and string spacing. Another advantage is that it also comes around fast on service returns where the accuracy will likely boost your risk levels.

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3. Wilson Pro Staff 97 (Best Tennis Racquet For Advanced Players)

(Best Tennis Racquet For Advanced Players)

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The Wilson Pro Staff 97 combines the crisp feel and has excellent Precision with added maneuverability in a lighter frame. Also this 12.5 Oz racquet offers you not only decent stability at impact. But at 7 points headlight T-Whips through contact with surprising ease. Besides it comes with a braided graphite layup coupled with a wonderfully thin 21.5 mm beam. Moreover it has a braided graphite layout combine with an extraordinary thin 21.5 mm beam.

It comes with an open 16 by 19 string pattern and you have enough spin potential to paint the lines. On the other hand at the extreme 12-point head light balance will improve maneuverability. But the frame is best suited for experienced players who are capable of handling the happy 12.5 oz of braided graphite. Another advantage is that it has Cosmetics with laser Printing and the classic leather Gret.

4. Babolat Pure Drive (Best Tennis Racquet for Power)

(Best Tennis Racquet for Power)

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It is equipped with the latest cortex pure feel technology that allows you to get better control on each hit through naturally enhance feel. Also, it comes with FSI power technology, which includes diamond shaped grommet holes and wider string spacing.

Besides the water string spacing not only provide significance spin potential but it launches the ball at a higher trajectory resulting in high-arching shots that come down hard and explode off the court. On the other hand it offers quick handling and significant put-away power. But it also feels quite stable for its weight class.

5. Yonex EZONE 98 (Best Tennis Racquet For Women)

(Best Tennis Racquet For Women)

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Yonex Ezone 98 tennis Racquet. The arrow shape technology allows smoother Contours throughout the Racquet head for Less wind resistance and extra Racquet speed. The dual shot system improves comfort and control with every stroke. Grommets at the bottom of the frame reduce impact vibration and quick shut gel which is embedded inside the grip.

Removes even the most subtle discomfort from the frame. It has Yonex OPS which stands for oval press shop manufacturing technology, which builds the ideal amount of shaft flex at impact into the Racquet. This helps by extending dwell time for enhanced ball spin and directional control.

6. Wilson Pro Staff RF97 (Best Tennis Racquet For Advanced Players)

(Best Tennis Racquet For Advanced Players)

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It Is co-design by tennis Legend Roger Federer. Its spins effect technology is the first Racquetsystem that actually increases ball RPM without players changing their swing. It is made of braided graphite which provides a pure solid and consistent feel that players have loved for decades. This strong construction also dampens vibration and enhances touch and control.

Thanks for the headlight balance this Racquet whips nicely through contact on full swings. A fact that should allow strong players to crank up the head speed when driving the ball through the court.

7. Wilson Blade 98 (Best Tennis Racquet for Players)

(Best Tennis Racquet for Players)

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It has Countervail technology with its groundbreaking carbon layer integrated into the frame, which allows it to maximize the player’s energy reduce muscle fatigue and shorten recovery time. Braided graphite and basalt is an elastic and reactive material combination that improves the flex of the Racquet. This evolution of Wilson BLX technology increases the ball’s contact with the strings to provide and hands feel and greater control.

The parallel drilling provides a consistent more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing The Sweet Spot. It also has X2 Ergo a customizable handle shape, which creates an optimal personalized feel for the modern two-handed backhand.

8. Wilson Energy XL (Best Tennis Racquet for Beginner)

Best Tennis Racquet for Beginner

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The Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racquet is developed to unmatch Quality. It is made of a unique aluminum composite. That makes the Racquet a lightweight machine. This Racquet features the V-Matrix technology for a larger sweet spot. That ensures a clean performance and maximum hits. Also it offers an extra-large head equipped with the power strings to increase power further.

At 27.5 inches long that Energy XL will enable you to attack the ball with extra momentum. Resulting in more convenient access to power and spin. It stops shock sleeves provide reduced racquet vibration and greater control. The frames unique are light-alloy design makes the XL lighter than air. However, the head is specifically designed to generate the maximum amount of impact with slightly less effort. This is the Best Tennis Racquet For Beginner to Intermediate.

9. Head Youtek Graphene Speed Pro

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It is a significant control rocket that reigns in power so you can put the ball where you want. The 18 by 20 string pattern is very control-oriented. But doesn’t lack for power considering the 100 square inch head size. It’s heavier Strong weight makes it perfect for trading groundstrokes from the Baseline. Because it absorbs vibrations Well.

On defense players can quickly get themselves back in the rally, because it’s very maneuverable and forgiving for an 18 x 20 Racquet. Also the Racquet shaft and throat allow the head to redistribute weight to the hoop and handle the Racquet faster and robust without compromising on stiffness.

10. Wilson Tour Slam (Best Tennis Racquet Under 50)

Best Tennis Racquet Under 50

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The Wilson tour slam Racquet features volcanic frame technology. Which gives you the control and power you need to succeed. With its large 112 square inch head it provides for a nice margin of error. Ensuring that strength and comfort remain high when contact is less than perfect. It comes with 27.5 inches in length, which enables you to attack the ball with extra momentum.

A fact that bodes well for those who want to hit with more power and spin. The Racquet is equipped with stop shock Pat’s which allows the string bed to stoke up additional vibration and transfer more power to your shot. However, the grip on the handle is large enough even for people with bigger hands. This is the Best Tennis Racquet For Beginner to Intermediate.

11. Babolat Pure Aero (Best Tennis Racquet Under 200)

Best Tennis Racquet Under 200

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It comes with an upgraded aerodynamic beam and higher swing weight which gives the Racquet the potential to pulverize the ball. It also offers a more comfortable playing experience than previous models with the help of elongated grommet holes. That allow the strings to absorb more vibrations. Its FSI spin technology features wider spacing between the cross strings to create additional bite. The Comfort level is increased by the open and comfortable string bed.

Also, it has 11.3 oz of weight. When strong and has four points head for great light balance. It helps generate a powerful shot with its 326 Wing wait. While the 69 RA stiffness rating is exceptional for all players to use. On the other hand the string pattern of 16 by 19 with grommet holes and durable string bed. Increases the contact time with the ball and also results in better stability. This is the Best Tennis Racquet For Beginner to Intermediate Under $200.

12. HEAD Speed (Best Tennis Racquet for Kids)

Best Tennis Racquet for Kids

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Offers a headlight balance which helps reduce vibration and AIDS instability when hitting the ball. It is made with aluminum O beam construction. The kid’s tennis Racquets last until they outgrow them. It is also light at 210 grams and is easier to hold and swing than larger heavier designs. The shorter length makes the Racquet lighter and more comfortable.

Well the head size and beam are the same as adult size Racquets for natural spin power and control. This Racquet is an Excellent Choice For Kids age 9 to 10 looking to improve with age-appropriate equipment. Further this model was composed of a graphite composite uniting sturdiness lightweight and tolerance.

13. HEAD Ti.S6 (Best Tennis Racquet For Beginner)

Best Tennis Racquet For Beginner

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It comes with titanium that creates a light Racquet with strength and the graphite composite gives the Racquet great feel and durability. This contains a combination of titanium and graphite. It will perform best in the hands of players with compact to medium stroke Styles. Seeking an extra-large sweet spot that blends a delicate balance of power with an open string pattern. Also, it comes with a lively frame with excellent torsional stability ideal for spin artists with an all-court game.

It is designed with a round head shape and with a wide Sweet Spot. The area makes each shot more effective. Moreover this slow moderate swing speed allows you to practice stuff moves better. You can keep your Racquet protected inside the full cover after your practice session to prevent accidental damage. This is the Best Tennis Racquet For Beginner to Intermediate.

14. Wilson Tour Slam Lite (Best Tennis Racquet Intermediate)

Best Tennis Racquet Intermediate

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Wilson Tour Slam Lite with It’s 112 square inch head. It provides a large sweet spot. Not only boosting power but also adding several degrees of forgiveness on off-centered hits. At 27.5 in long. It will enable you to attack the ball with extra momentum resulting in more convenient access to power and spin. Also the Racquet features power string Bridge technology, which provides longer main strings for higher rebound speed and energy. It has headlight equalisation which underpins more significant development in the heavier Edge.

It additionally includes stop stun sleeves. Which diminishes vibration and adds more solace. The open string design of the Racquet furnished the player was improved quality and turn while hitting the ball. On the other hand It has higher spaces between the strings and lesser convergences to enable the ball to bounce back with more grounded power. This is the Best Tennis Racquet For Beginner to Intermediate.

How We Selected the Best Tennis Racquets for 2020

In our endeavor to give a target choice of the top 14 tennis racquets on the market, we’ve evaluated every racquet over a reliable arrangement of six attributes and six strokes.

We played with every racquet and then appraised its performance on a size of 1-10 for each attribute and stroke. To calculate the general score for a racquet, we took the normal of the 12 scores.

The attributes and strokes we selected for evaluation are recorded underneath with descriptions.


The following are six normal attributes used to evaluate the performance of tennis racquets.


Incredible players can hit hard and generate power through proper technique regardless of the racquet you put in their hands. However, a few racquets make creating pace significantly simpler. Powerful racquets will in general have bigger head sizes, stiffer edges, and at times are longer.


Normally, the more encountered a player turns into, the more control they’ll look for from their racquet since placement and coordinating the ball precisely where they need it to go turns out to be increasingly significant. Control-arranged racquets frequently have less stiff casings and littler head sizes.


Players regularly associate comfort with the stun that is sent to your arm when striking the ball or the vibration that you feel subsequent to hitting the ball. However, a player likewise may associate comfort with the weight of the racquet comparative with their quality. Comfort-situated racquets will in general be somewhat heavier, increasingly flexible, and center extra weight toward the handle to help assimilate stun.


Touch, or feel, is a piece nuanced and often attached to a feeling of control and connectedness, particularly when hitting volleys and artfulness shots like drop shots. Racquets that give improved touch will in general be heavier, with littler head sizes, and utilize progressively flexible edges.


Easy-to-maneuver racquets will in general feel light in your hand and make it easy to alter the course of the racquet head. This feeling is frequently a consequence of the racquet’s general weight joined with the equalization of the casing being “head light,” typically denoted as HL. In other words, an increasingly significant bit of the racquet’s weight falls lower on the racquet, toward the handle.


Stable tennis racquets are responsive and help ingrain a positive feeling of consistency and precision that you can depend on when striking the ball. Regularly, stable racquets are somewhat heavier, have littler heads, and less stiff casings.

Tennis Shots

The following are the tennis shots we used to evaluate every tennis racquet. We won’t really expound here on each of these, however, you can look at our article on the different types of tennis shots to find out additional.

Do You Have a Fast or Slow Swing? Short and Compact vs Long Swing Style?

For players with faster or longer swings, you’ll generate a lot of power because the racquet head will have more speed when you make contact. This means you can utilize a smaller frame that will give extra control and accuracy on your shots. The best choice underneath will be the Wilson Pro Staff.

However, in case you’re swinging faster to generate bunches of turn similar to Rafael Nadal, then you can pick a larger racquet. Right now, groundstrokes are swinging low to high, creating turn however not necessarily as much power since you’re not hitting through the ball to such an extent. Nadal’s Pure Aero is reviewed beneath.

For players with slower or shorter groundstrokes that are more leveled out, then pick a more powerful racquet like the Pure Drive or Pure Aero underneath.

Do You Hit More Topspin or Flat Groundstrokes?

On the off chance that you like to hit more topspin, then you should search for a racquet that accentuates this quality. Tennis racquets with more open string patterns grab the ball more and will help you create turn. This means the strings will be more spread apart. Also there are different types of strings that you can use to create considerably more turn on your shots.

For players who have flatter groundstrokes, we suggest a more tightly string pattern with a smaller racquet head. Anything between 95 and 98 square inches will be a solid match for advanced players who don’t depend primarily on turn. This will help you control your shots because the extra string thickness will control the ball better.

Do You Play at the Net or From the Baseline? More Singles or Doubles?

A few racquets are preferable for groundstrokes over volleys, so you ought to consider what you’ll be doing more of. In the event that you like to play from the baseline and hit groundstrokes, then you may have the option to utilize a racquet that sacrifices some versatility for a greater sweet spot with more turn and power.

For doubles players who invest more energy at the net, you will require a racquet that has great versatility. Especially in case you’re playing at a USTA level of 4.0 or higher. The game is faster in doubles at this level so you have less time to react. Racquet heads under 100 inches won’t just have more versatility yet in addition more control to place your volleys.

Do You Want Power, Control or Comfort?

Before you decide on a racquet, you should consider whether you wish for maximum power or control. You also want a comfortable racquet especially in the event that you have a tennis elbow. Different racquets are ideal relying upon your playstyle. For intermediate players, choosing a racquet with ideal balance is the best decision.


Regardless of what you purchase, you should make choices about the expense. In the world of racquets, this means a decision between passage level, mid-level and top of the line racquets.

While a premium racquet will in general have a more significant expense range as compared to other items, it accompanies the latest features and innovation. Then again, a section level racquet has a low cost yet lacks a couple of features and durability.

Weight of the Racquet

This is actually a situational or personal inclination. A few players like heavy racquets while others don’t. In any case heavy racquets are enthusiastically suggested for intermediate players. They are also more amiable on your arms and elbows.

The Balance of the Racquet

One more choice you have to make is regarding the weight of the head of the racquet. There are three main types of racquets – head heavy, headlight and balanced racquets. One way of checking whether the item is heavy or light is to see whether the head plunges down or up. While head-heavy racquets convey great power, they are also harder to utilize. In contrast, head-light racquets are easy to utilize however are not as powerful. Intermediate players can choose either one relying upon their degree of ability and playstyle.

Type of Strings

There are different types of strings offered for racquets. Since certain items do not offer strings in the package, as a tennis player, you may need to get them separately. At the point when you examine the market, you will discover different materials including nylon, mixture, polyester, and natural gut. Take a gander at the benefits of each and see which best suits your requirements.


So as to polish your skills and transform from an intermediate tennis player into a professional, make sure you select the best tennis racquet. Pick one and enter the court to showcase your skills and develop as the victor.

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